History: Château Maresque is a 25 acre vineyard more than three centuries old. It lies at the heart of the vineyard Gaillacois, on the right bank of the River Tarn, on the first hills. March 1999 the new owners, embarked on the creation of Château Maresque.Situated in the north of the Tarn departement with 3 different terroirs. The age of the vineyard enable Gaillac to offer numerous traditional grape varieties which produces a great variety of elaborate wines. 

Soil: The wines are produced from a vineyard, which has mollassic clayey-calcareous soils which contain high proportions of limestone and granite in their subsoils.

Climate:The southern slopes, low in altitude are whipped by the hot winds from the Mediterranean and the dry Autan wind that is influenced by the Atlantic ocean. This sunny climate, granting early ripening, together with the good orientation and terroir, produce generous  wines, with a beautiful deep colour and complex aromas in which candied fruit, blackcurrant and spices are softly blended.The wines are powerful with a dense body, well structured and with round tannins.

Grapes:The different terroirs and the age of the vineyard enable us to offer traditional and highly original grape varieties. White grapes: Mauzac and Loin de l'œil supplemented by Sauvignon. Red grapes: Duras, Braucol and Prunelard - supplemented by Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.



Château Maresque rouge Cuvée Thomas
Sélection vieilles vignes
Braucol 35 %, Syrah 35 %, Merlot 15 %, Cabernet-Sauvignon 15 %
Dense inky ruby core ; youthful nose offering ripe black fruit, cassis, dry spices and liquorice notes ; good grip on the palate, ripe tannin level, juicy dark fruit, crushed berries, mild spices and a slight meatiness ; long and weighty finish

Château Maresque rouge Tradition
Prunelard 50%, Duras 20 % , Braucol 20%, Syrah 10%
Deep red rich and structured wine ; fine tannins ; fruity and spicy flavours

Côtes du Tarn, I.G.P. Rosé
Braucol 50%, Syrah 50 %
Light colour; delicate nose with a touch of peach, lemon and red berries

Château Maresque Blanc sec
Mauzac & Loin de L'œil
Golden pale colour; pure fresh balanced nose in which modest ripe fruit and herbs are pleasantly overwhelming; friendly and tasty wine with ample length and a velvety texture

Château Maresque Blanc Doux
Sélection vieilles vignes
Mauzac & Loin de L'œil
This sweet flavor is appreciated as an aperitif and goes particularly well with foie gras and desserts

Château Maresque Méthode Traditionnelle Brut
Loin de L'œil



Château Maresque
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